Assisted Living Options in the Valley Area

If you are an Arizona senior looking at the assisted living options in the Phoenix valley, there are some options that you might want to consider to help afford the cost of assisted living. Assisted Living can be very expensive, but there are more options than you think to help make this more affordable for you and your family.

Background Checking Senior Service Providers

When someone is considering engaging the services of a senior service providers, finding information regarding the background and history of the provider can be difficult. However, it is absolutely important that the background and other historical and reference information regarding the provider is available for your consideration regarding the senior services.

ALTCS Information, Packets and Pamphlets

Due to increased traffic and positive response, Senior Planning is adding a new website to support our home page in regards to ALTCS information: If you need help or guidance regarding obtaining information on the Arizona Long Term Care Program, would like an ALTCS packet or ALTCS pamphlet, then we can help. Senior Planning provides materials, as well as over the phone and in-person support. We hope that ALTCS will be a valuable resource for seniors and their families in need of ALTCS information.

Background Checking Assisted Living Communities in Arizona

When you or a loved one considers making a move to an assisted living community, it is important that you know what kind of care you are going to be getting. While most of the care providers in the state are earnest people who really do want to provide the best care to everyone who comes through their door, there are some providers for whom this is not the case. Doing thoughtful research on the communities that you are considering is a must in order to ensure a successful placement.

Trusts and Wills – Important Differences to Consider

Making estate plans involves a number of complex decisions. One of those is whether you should make your arrangements through a will or a trust. Wills are the basic documents that we are all familiar with, that discuss how you would like your assets and possessions divided when you pass, and other arrangements that you would like made. This is in contrast to trusts, which are considered by law their own entity, to which you can transfer some of your possessions. Many people think that trusts are better because you can avoid taxes on them.

To Do List: 10 Important Steps to Senior Services

1. Identify The Need For Senior Care The first step in the process is recognizing that you or someone you love might not have a ability to fully take care of themselves anymore. If you recognize that someone you know is not able to maintain the quality of life that they are used to, it’s time to consider some senior service options.

Senior Services for Arizonans 65+

Elderly people begin to need some help from time to time and there are many senior services for Arizonans 65+. The kinds of help that are available vary from state to state. Here as follows are several of the senior services that are available here in Arizona.

Avoiding Probate Law in Arizona

The passing of a loved one can be a trying time for anyone. In addition to heartache, you may also have to deal with the frustrating process of setting the estate of the diseased. This process can become frustrating and expensive if the estate goes through a legal process called probate.
siera vista care

Senior Care in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Finding Senior Care in smaller communities like Sierra Vista or others in Southeastern Arizona can be challenging. There are less options to choose from, and some of the best providers and communities will often have waiting lists for care. It’s important to know what your options are and it’s also advisable to find a few good options for yourself in case you can’t arrange exactly what you want.

ALTCS in Sierra Vista

Searching for senior care in Sierra Vista and other areas of south eastern Arizona can be difficult. For one thing, there are fewer providers around to choose from and it can be difficult to find the right option to meet your needs. For those looking for residential senior care, it can often be the case that all of the possible communities in your city can be full, leaving you with no other option other than starting to look in the next town over.