Aid and attendance VA Benefit

Many people call us asking questions in regards to Aid and Attendance and other VA benefits. Usually, with calls regarding veteran’s benefits, the majority of our clients are interested in Aid and Attendance.

Senior Apartments in Arizona

here are many options when it comes to finding the right senior apartments in Arizona. No matter the city, the budget, or the amenities wanted, we at Senior Planning are able to find a good fit.

Group Home Placement Phoenix

There are many options to consider when beginning your search for group home placement in Phoenix. It is crucial to know how much care you or a loved one needs in order to find the right group home fit. Also, make sure the Phoenix group home you find fits within a long term budget plan.

Glendale Group Homes for the Elderly in AZ

There are many options when it comes to group homes in Glendale but finding the right fit isn’t always the easiest. We at Senior Planning can provide you with a list of background checked places. We are local and have relationships with many of the facilities and therefore can offer insight on whether or not it’s a good fit. If you are not familiar with what a group home is in Glendale, AZ, they are licensed through the state to provide directed care.

Phoenix Hospice Choices

What are the Phoenix hospice choices?
There are many things to consider and the first thing you should consider is if your loved one is ready for hospice. There are many other options similar to hospice with different outcomes. Hospice is beneficial for pain management, and for people that chronically, terminally or seriously ill and could benefit from spiritual and emotional support.

Arizona Nursing Homes

Do I qualify for care in an Arizona nursing home?
Arizona Nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), offer skilled nursing care, long-term care and rehabilitative services. In regards to rehab and some instances of skilled nursing, Medicare covers the cost of such a place. However, for those that are frail and could benefit from long term care in an Arizona skilled nursing home facility, ALTCS in general is the way to go.

ALTCS Approved Group Homes

How do I find ALTCS approved group homes?
We can provide you with a detailed list of ALTCS approved group homes in any Arizona city as well as make sure they meet the standards from the state. In order to check the group home standards we perform background checks and pull their information to ensure they don’t have major violations or issues.

Phoenix Home Health

What is Home Health?
Home health or as per the title, Phoenix Home Health, refers to the home healthcare services paid for by Medicare. This may be of interest to many people looking for a little extra help around the house, who have issues with their activities of daily living or with family members who are interested or are currently helping out as caregivers.

ALTCS – Arizona Long Term Care

What is ALTCS?
ALTCS stands for Arizona Long Term Care. ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care) is a division of Medicaid that helps elderly individuals who meet both the medical and financial qualifications. In general, people use ALTCS to help pay for assisted living and/or cover the costs of care associated with the activities of daily living. ALTCS can benefit people who need one or more of the following: help with bathing, help with going to the bathroom, help making meals and/or grocery shopping, assistance cleaning the house, assistance with transportation and other other difficulty associated with daily living.